Ella Fitzgerald, Seattle, 1976 (Vintage Silver), Today's Coolphoto 09/18/2019

The great Ella Fitzgerald performed in Seattle in the mid-seventies. I made this image to accompany a review for a local throwaway. I didn't keep a tearsheet and I can't remember the name of the paper. That’s Tommy Flanagan upstage playing the piano.

In 1956 during the Newport summer jazz festival Mr. Flanagan first accompanied Ella Fitzgerald, a job that would keep him occupied for a good deal of the next 20 years; he also acted as her musical director.

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Ella Fitzgerald, Seattle, 1976 (Vintage Silver)
Print 18217
Original Date 1976
Print Date 1976
Size 10x8
Format Vintage Silver
Edition 1
Stamp On Back
Price $625

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