Girls Evening Play At The Beach, Vintage Photo Of The Day, June 10

In early August on Puget Sound, the long evening twilight and warm incoming tide invite children down to the beach.

Girls Evening Play At The Beach, Fox Island

Girls Evening Play At The Beach, Fox Island

This Fox Island beach is situated well for summer evenings because it faces due west and so the houses, bulkheads, and drift logs are burnished a lovely golden yellow by the setting sun.

Currents have long left enormous logs on the beach in front of our cabin. Whether these logs escaped the great rafts towed slowly to the mills or fell into the sound in the end, they became for us something to climb on and to photograph.

These children are the third generation of our family on this particular beach and as it happens they were the last of our family to enjoy summer there.

We do miss it.

Vintage print, $625

I created large format silver photographs of my home town for 20 years from 1990 through 2010. These are rich, beautifully crafted silver images processed for permanence. Vintage prints are made within a year of the photograph create date. My usual practice was to print within a few days or weeks of exposure. There are at most six prints per image; most images have three or fewer prints.