Yakima Ave Bridge, Tacoma 1979 (Vintage Silver)


Yakima Ave Bridge, Tacoma 1979 (Vintage Silver)


The bridge spans Buckley Gulch, a deep gully that a century ago cut the high ground down to Commencement Bay where the creek emptied. It was built in the mid 1890s when the city was expanding development up from the shoreline into the forests along the bluff. Some eighty years later the railing was defiled by a symbol of vitriol and hatred. In 1979 it was just 34 years after Europe was liberated from the Nazi regime. Now it is another forty years since I photographed the bridge at night, in a light rain.

Less than a block away my Grandfather built a large comfortable home on Rosemount Way.

This is a vintage print. I made the photograph and printed the negative (camera original) within a few weeks of one another. 

What you see is a scan of the actual print that is for sale. Please note that vintage prints will show regular wear and tear.

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Yakima Ave Bridge, Tacoma 1979 (Vintage Silver)
Original Date 1979
Print Date 1979
Size 10x8
Format Vintage Silver
Edition One Only
Stamp On Back
Price $625