Xcel Feed Silo 2002 (Vintage Silver)


Xcel Feed Silo 2002 (Vintage Silver)


This is a vintage print. I made the photograph and printed the negative (camera original) within a few weeks of one another. 

What you see is a scan of the actual print that is for sale.

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Tacoma is the port of export for wheat and other grains grown on the east side of the Cascade mountains. The grains are brought by train to an enormous elevator on the shores of Commencement Bay.  Huge bulk freighters sail to Tacoma to load the grain from the elevator, and often these ships have to wait for a berth to receive cargo. Most of the grain is destined for Asia. The silos in the photograph are much smaller than the grain elevator on the bay. These in the picture contain feed grains for livestock near the Xcel feed lot on South Washington Street.

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Xcel Feed Silo 2002 (Vintage Silver)
Print 18003
Original Date 2002
Print Date 2002
Size 10x8
Format Silver
Edition 6
Stamp On Back
Price $625