In The Field Of Faith And Light, 1987 (Vintage Silver)


In The Field Of Faith And Light, 1987 (Vintage Silver)


When we were young we entered the orbit of L’Arche and Faith and Light through our church at St Leo’s in Tacoma. I was a minor satellite in that universe where the hot sun at the center was the truth of lives lived disabled. People closest to the center shine a light too bright to be hidden. The light is bright enough to fill the dark corners of any life nearby, and so we saw ourselves more clearly for who we were.

Faith and Light in Tacoma was founded by Fr. Jim Boyle and Danny and Teres Millar. In 1981 and 1991 L’Arche Tahoma Hope joined Faith and Light on the pilgrimages to Lourdes. The members of L’Arche Tahoma Hope who participated in those pilgrimages were Greg Hanon, Sue Hudacek, Nancy Tyson, Cheri Harris, Fr. Jim Boyle, Dick Sutherland, Shelly Rubatino and David Rothrock.

This is a silver darkroom print. I made the photograph earlier and printed the negative (camera original) later.

What you see is a scan of the actual print that is for sale.

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In The Field Of Faith And Light, 1987 (Vintage Silver)
Original Date 1987
Print Date 1987
Size 10x8
Format Silver
Edition 1
Stamp On Back
Price $625