Dubliners, Republic Of Ireland, 1972 (Silver)


Dubliners, Republic Of Ireland, 1972 (Silver)


This is a silver darkroom print. I made the photograph earlier and printed the negative (camera original) later.

What you see is a scan of the actual print that is for sale.

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Dubliners, Republic Of Ireland, 1972 (Vintage Silver)
Original Date 1972
Print Date 2008
Size 10x8
Format Silver
Edition 1
Stamp On Back
Price $625

One pleasant evening in the month of June I passed a filthy stone building hovering like a dirty pile of wet clothes on a street stained with horse dung, oils, butts and scraps. The building was in the heart of Dublin and housed the headquarters of Doherty’s Coal. Dublin was a dirty old town then. It was the heavy soot of Doherty’s coal smoke from thousands of Dublin hearths that covered everything in the city with a dismal veil..

In the doorway of Doherty’s Coal a pitiful lame beggar played a lament on a worn squeezebox. His braced left foot stuck out onto the pavement. He wore a wool vest and a white shirt stained with weeks of grime and gray dust. His shoes were scuffed and fit poorly. His thin right leg was pulled up to his chin and gave support to his left hand as he squeezed out the sad music. He was aged and troubled, and his song was barely heard.

The man let a cold cigarette hang from the corner of his cracked lips. Beneath the step he put his woolen cap on the curbstone. I had no money to spare, and there was no one else to hear it either. The cap was empty of coins.

Then suddenly a solitary girl in a hooded coat and a wild smile of excitement ran pell-mell onto the sidewalk. Her exhilaration lifted her above the pavement as she dashed by in an instant.

She was the wind in the barley. She was the ancient Brigid.

She was the coming warmth of summer and she was young.