Old Glory At Stadium High, Today's Coolphoto 4/29/2019

Stadium High was built as a luxury hotel but construction stopped during the Panic of 1893, and then the building was gutted by fire in 1898. The city of Tacoma converted it into its first high school six years later. The building surrounds a large central courtyard on three sides. Above it they sometimes fly the Stars and Stripes of the United States.

Old Glory At Stadium High, Tacoma, 2001 (Vintage Silver)
Original 2001 :: Print 2001 :: 8x10 :: Stamp On Back :: $625.

Vintage prints are made within a year of the photographs create date. My usual practice is to print within a few days or weeks of exposure. What you see is a scan of the actual print that is for sale. Please note that vintage prints are imperfect; they will show regular wear and tear that comes with age. Price does not include shipping or taxes.

Vintage - When I print the photograph within a year of the original exposure, that becomes a Vintage Print.
Archival Pigment - When I print in my studio using computer technology with pigmented inks on acid and lignin free paper, I call that an Archival Print.
Silver - When I print in my darkroom on gelatin silver paper, that is a Silver Print. These prints are double weight on a cotton fiber base.