La traditionnelle visite a la boulangerie, Today's Coolphoto

Today we met at the local boulagngerie in Burien, called Bakery Nouveau. We have a sandwich and talk about photography the way old friends do. It was a busy place on a fine morning. Look at those eyes.

Todays Coolphoto 20190425

The Traditional Trip To The Boulangerie (la traditionnelle visite à la boulangerie), Burien 2019
Original Date 2019
Print Date 2019
Size 11x9
Format Archival Pigment
Edition Open
Stamp On Back
Price $250

First Ever Photograph of a Human Being  — Boulevard du Temple  in Paris (1838) by Louis Daguerre. In the bottom left hand corner is a man who was having his shoes shined.

First Ever Photograph of a Human BeingBoulevard du Temple in Paris (1838) by Louis Daguerre. In the bottom left hand corner is a man who was having his shoes shined.

Back in the day when I was young and excited by the great photographs of the street I had seen, I stepped out the door to get some of the same. The shuffle and rhythm of past shooter’s footsteps echoed before me, along with the click of their shutters and their gasps of surprise.

Street Photography is the original focus of photography; its subject most quickly and easily captured and recognized. And even now, we look for those looks on the faces sent our way as we rush past.

For the next few days I’ll be showing my latest finds. I’ll be showing faces as they pass, and the wake of others that have already sailed by. I’ll be showing scenes that grabbed me by the shoulders and cried, “Did you see that? Did you SEE THAT!”

Vintage - I printed the photograph within a year of the original exposure.
Archival Pigment - Printed in my studio using computer technology with pigmented inks on acid and lignin free paper.
Silver - Printed in my darkroom on gelatin silver paper. These prints are double weight on a cotton fiber base.

Price does not include shipping or taxes.

Christopher Petrich is a photographer active in the Pacific Northwest. He is based in Tacoma Washington where he grew up and raised a family. Over his 50 year career he has worked on projects in Europe, the Middle East, and Japan as well as in 23 American states coast to coast. He has placed his work in corporate and private collections worldwide.