Ramona - Toddler in ivan's arms, June 20

Ramona was tired, but she insisted, forcefully, "grilla for me! stop it!"

Ivan's is a sad story.  Born in Africa, he was taken from his family and was kept as a curiosity in South Tacoma at a discount mall called The B&I Circus Store. His place was an empty concrete room. I saw him once, sitting in a corner with his back to the wall, not moving, pitiable. Then he moved to Atlanta, where he prospered.

Here, he has a red flower in his hand, and a toddler in his arms.


Ramona - In Ivans Arms 2018

Ramona - In Ivans Arms 2018

I created large format silver photographs of my home town for 20 years from 1990 through 2010. These are rich, beautifully crafted silver images processed for permanence. Vintage prints are made within a year of the photograph create date. My usual practice was to print within a few days or weeks of exposure. There are at most six prints per image; most images have three or fewer prints.