Cambodian Girl Sitting On A TV, Vintage Photo Of The Day, June 8

When we were a young family we would go to church meetings and gather with our friends on weekends.  Sometimes we went to festivals for Faith and Life. 

During one of those festivals in the early eighties, there was a traditional dance on the big festival night given by a family from Cambodia. The girl below danced with four others.

Faith and Life brought us together with the handicapped, some severely affected. We were all very glad to be with them for they were all dear friends. The handicapped, and I know we all are, but the severely handicapped cannot hide who they are. They become our most honest people with little to hide and little reason to do so. It means that I found myself closer to truth, unsettling, honest, and joyful.

It was hard for Cambodians back then.  The war there was brutal and many fled. But that festival night was charming, and so, who could resist the utter charm of it, the young girl in traditional dress, unsure a bit and sitting on a television?

Vintage print, $625

Cambodian Girl On A TV 1980

Cambodian Girl On A TV 1980

I created large format silver photographs of my home town for 20 years from 1990 through 2010. These are rich, beautifully crafted silver images processed for permanence. Vintage prints are made within a year of the photograph create date. My usual practice was to print within a few days or weeks of exposure. There are at most six prints per image; most images have three or fewer prints.