Vintage Photo Of The Day, June 3

Wright Park in North Tacoma still has pits for throwing horseshoes, though I have never seen anyone throw shoes there.  Near the pits an old cherry tree was in full bloom on the bright April day when I made this photograph. Large brick apartment houses ring the park and in those days they were mostly occupied by the elderly who had given up their homes and lawns for the convenience of living near the lovely parkland, and close to medical offices that surround the general hospital a few blocks away.

"Wright Park is the only considerable breathing space reserved to the people thronging the central part of this city...without being cramped for space or menaced by shows and their consequent temptations to spend their spare time within the walls of a packed building rather than in the health giving environment of trees, plants and flowers."
-- 1909, The Board of Park Commissioners in response to organizations wanting to build in the park.

Vintage print, $625

Man Strolling Beneath Wright Park Cherry

Man Strolling Beneath Wright Park Cherry

I created large format silver photographs of my home town for 20 years from 1990 through 2010. These are rich, beautifully crafted silver images processed for permanence. Vintage prints are made within a year of the photograph create date. My usual practice was to print within a few days or weeks of exposure. There are at most six prints per image; most images have three or fewer prints.