March For Our Lives -- Long Hair Protestor

On the March For Our Lives Saturday my mind was filled with memories of protests long ago, when I was at school. At that time gun violence was on everyone's mind, as it was the time of Viet Nam and Kent State. When counting by tonnage of bombs dropped, that time was more violent than this. But this time is more personal because the gun violence now is in our schools, just as it was in Viet Nam, back then.

But on the scale of human suffering, this time is far worse because we don't know when to quit, or how. Our thing is money and domination.  It wasn't always, but nevertheless.  The two go hand in hand, and there isn't a more sure way to gain control than to start killing people. But staying in control using violence is sure to loosen your grip on power. 

We can say we are justified in spreading war and violence across great regions of the world. We can say it, but the people who live with what we do know different. They know US as indifferent to suffering, even as we say we care. 

This time is personal, too, because the war is in the streets and all colors are at risk, not just red, black, yellow, and brown.

This violence was planted long ago, and now it has returned in full bloom. We were the boys who went to Viet Nam, or ducked it. We were long hairs back then. Now we are gray, and this time we are responsible.