All Original, Hand-Made Photography from my studio in the Pacific Northwest

I make my own prints

For more than five decades I have created original photographs and made my own prints. Along the way I have learned from Bruce Bleckert, a force in my home town for high quality black and white photography; and from Alan Ross in Santa Fe. Alan has printed the Ansel Adams Special Edition negatives for more than forty years, even while Ansel was still living. The print you purchase today is from my studio and by my own hand. This is a special thing these days and you're a pretty special person to watch for it. Each of my prints is delivered mounted in a cotton rag over-mat, and bears my identifying stamp on the back.  My vintage traditional darkroom silver photographs were created between 1990 and 2009.

Print Types

Silver Prints are made in a darkroom with chemicals. Inkjet Prints are made on a mechanical printer with water based pigment inks that are sprayed on paper.

Vintage or modern Print

The price of a print depends on when it was made relative to the time period when the photograph is taken. Vintage Prints are made from a camera original (negative or digital capture) within 12 months of taking the photograph and are considered more valuable and priced higher than a modern print.  Modern Prints are made from a camera original (negative or digital capture) after 12 months of taking the photograph and represent a great value at a lower price. A vintage print is always marked so.  If not marked Vintage, it is a modern print.

Extended Life

I process all Silver Prints for extended life in the darkroom by using a fixer neutralizer and a double wash. Unlike silver, Inject Prints do not require any special processes to extend their life, but for both silver and inkjet, print life is extended by handling them with cotton gloves and storing them in a dry place within an acid-free envelope or box.

Print Color

Black and White is the same as Monochrome; and Color is the same as Polychrome. Any photograph that shows only grays, blacks, and whites are considered to be Monochrome.

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