There are plain and simple things within my sight that are beautiful, and I relish them. I marvel at the thunderstorms moving east across the deep blue water of The Salish Sea in Spring and Fall. I wonder about the life burning in the eyes of those I pass in the neighborhood. I see things broken and discarded at my feet, draped in an evening light of golden silk. I have captured these marvels and wonders now for more than 50 years.

I studied Art, Design, and Art History at The American University in the early seventies. Later I studied with Alan Ross, master photographer and printer.

Alan has printed the Yosemite Special Edition Photographs for more than forty-five years. If you have one of these fine prints, then he likely printed it. These trust prints are a very good value because Ansel set it up to be within the reach of folks like you and me, like folks who want something beautiful in a photograph without having to pay a commission to auctions or dealers. I have Jeffrey Pine, Sentinel Dome.

Along the way I've traveled to Europe, the Middle East, and Japan from my home in the Pacific Northwest, and I have seen nearly half the country, some 23 states coast to coast! For all that, and with the help of many friends, I have managed to place my work in corporate and private collections in the United States and Great Britain.

Throughout I have found meaning and beauty in pictures, particularly pictures of the sky and of those moving under it. I love these pictures of marvels and wonders. I hope you do too. Click on BUY ART to learn more.