I walk the broken sidewalks of my aged neighborhood. I cross the weedy lawns of people who work for a living. I see leaves and bits of wood discarded by the trees, and pebbles and shells on the beach when the tide is out. I capture the colors and shapes of small things close at hand that are considered useless. and I watch with wonder as great things and small things cast long shadows in the patterns that they trace on the ground.

When I raise my eyes, I look to the north across the deep salt water of our bay and I marvel at the skies of Spring filled with massive thunderstorms. When I walk my neighborhood, I look for the wonder burning within the people that I pass.

These are the plain and simple things within my sight that are beautiful, and I relish them all. I was a child when I made my first picture, I have followed that with 60 years of observations and impressions. I embrace the tradition of American photography as seen in the work of W. Eugene Smith, Paul Strand and Ansel Adams. My interests range from the somebody doing something to grand vistas of the rugged Northwest mountains.

 I received my degree in Art, Design, and Art History from The American University. I was a commercial and portrait photographer, and from very early on in my career I've exhibited in museums and galleries. I recently studied under Alan Ross, master photographer, master printer, and educator. My work resides in corporate and private collections in the United States and Great Britain.

I've traveled to Israel, Italy, the Republic of Ireland; and Japan, just last year. I've been to England where I worked with The Daily Mail newspaper and Camera, a magazine devoted to avant-garde photography.

My traditional darkroom work and selected color work are available signed.

Copyright © 1998- Christopher Petrich