Christopher Petrich is a photographer active in the Pacific Northwest. Over his 50 year career he has worked on projects around the world, looking for the plain and simple, and for people and places that are cool to see. He has a diverse body of work, with photographs in mature collections from street photography to landscape to the abstract. He has placed his work in corporate and private collections worldwide.

“There are plain and simple things within my sight that are beautiful, and I relish them. I marvel at the thunderstorms moving east across the deep blue water of The Salish Sea in Spring and Fall. I wonder about the life burning in the eyes of those I pass in the neighborhood. I see things broken and discarded at my feet, draped in an evening light of golden silk. I have captured these marvels and wonders now for more than 50 years.”

Throughout I have found meaning and beauty in pictures, particularly pictures of the sky and of those moving under it. I love these pictures of marvels and wonders. I hope you do too. Click on BUY ART to learn more.